Hybrid Living Fibers 

MIT Mediated Matter

As a continuation of Mediated Matter’s HLM additive manufacturing research︎︎︎, this project expands the hybrid living material platform into fibers. A novel “biohybrid” fiber system derived from novel techniques to encapsulate or absorb living and bio-active agents within fiber-based constructs. 

Research Team: Rachel Smith︎︎︎, Susan Williams︎︎︎, Miana Smith︎︎︎, Neri Oxman︎︎︎.

This work was published at the 2019 Materials Research Society (MRS) Meeting. Where it was honored with Best Poster Award︎︎︎. 

The HLF production process utilizes a custom-built wet-spinning platform, consisting of an extrusion needle extending from a syringe pump and a rotary bath.

Project Aim: (I) Leverage fiber structures to benefit the survivability of biological agents, and (II) augment fibers with the functional properties of living systems.

Weaving brought together both ancient and new practices to the wet lab. In this hybrid process, extruded novel fiber was woven into a monofilament warp. The fiber, required to stay wet, was also woven partially submerged, to be removed from loom and stored in H2

Fibers containing live cells, stored in H20 maintain bacterial activity for 1-2 weeks.

Images and text provided by Mediated Matter Group 2019


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